Stranger Devices: Performer Suite

Stranger Devices: Performer Suite is a set of 4 Max for Live (M4L) plugins focused on improving the workflow of musicians who are mixing traditional and virtual instruments during live performances. The effort behind the plugin design and programming is meant to encourage musicians to create with both kind of sources without thinking of the two as separate worlds. For further details download Stranger Devices manual 1.4br2 .

  • Knobsessed: Allows you to control external analog gear from your Ableton Live session. MIDI, OSC and NRPN messages can be sent in sync with the transport.
  • Screen Conductor: Allows wireless communication between band members through OSC, thus, allowing them yo send lyrics, setlist material or general cues to each other.
  • Metromorph: With this plugin, the user can tap-tempo clips during a session before playing them, this way they will adapt the tempo of the live performance without having the need of a clicktrack.
  • PA Checker: If you do not have a big digital badass mixer or you want to control your session’s master output, PA Checker will allow you to do that. A bunch of tools (EQ, delay and gain) will give you control over your master output in a wireless manner.
Knobsessed demo video
Screen Conductor demo video

Metromorph demo video
PA Checker demo video