Intorno Labs

Intorno Labs is a 3D audio company based in Barcelona that provides immersive audio services for artists, music promoters, brands and agencies, etc. These services include the usage of its proprietary software tools, which has been successfully used and presented in several places and festivals such as Sónar+DMUTEKMIRALapsusIMS, among others. These software tools include Max for Live (M4L) plugins that allow the user to interact with the multi-speaker system in real time.

  • Intorno Bridge Track
    Allows the user to move sound sources in real-time as well as draw 3D trajectories inside the 3D editor and automate the trajectory of the sound object through the room.
  • Intorno Bridge Master
    Allows the user to communicate all the local information with the Intorno proprietary system as well as any other connected software. It also provides translator units to send information to other systems such as SPAT.