Atlas Leap – Latin Quarter ft. Victor Mendoza (II. Overhead)

Atlas Leap is the French band lead by Emmanuel Linois (guitarist) and Johann Audiffren (drummer). Combining elements from World Music, Jazz and Rock Fusion and synth sounds, this duet creates sounds ranging between soothing and the unknown, featuring a wide variety of musicians from different countries.

II. Overhead is a sonic trip through the Brazilian Nordeste, México and modern jazz fusion. “Overhead” is the second record exploring other unorthodox instrumentations and new landscapes with their own familiar sound.

  • Co-written by Emmanuel Linois and Johann Audiffren
  • Vibraphone: Victor Mendoza
  • Upright Bass: Ricardo Osorno
  • Percussion: Sergio Martínez
  • Electric Guitar: Manu Linois
  • Drums: Johann Audiffren
  • Recording: Esteban Gómez
  • Production, mixing and mastering: Johann Audiffren