EZplus is a web application for managing audiovisual heritage content. It features a search engine specially designed under the rules of Chilean audiovisual archives for media preservation. Users can access the content and description of an specific item by scanning the unique QR code generated by the software, thus, avoiding physical contact that could degrade the endangered material. The software is currently used by Audiovisual Archivo of the National Library of Chile (Santiago, Chile) and Patricia Chavarría Traditional Culture Archive (Concepción, Chile). Some features it includes are:

  • Media search engine with different filters related with location, type, category, sub-categories, among others.
  • Function for importing/exporting search results in Excel documents for offline inspection.
  • Automatically generated statistics according to media, location, amount of digitised minutes of content, among others.
  • Accounts with different hierarchy for each user.
  • Virtual basket for batch editing of multiple items.
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